Ralph Lavelle

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm a web developer by trade so most of the stuff here is about tech, but I write about languages and travel here too.

I work as a blockchain developer in Brisbane for DLTx. In my spare time I work on tokenising my language-learning app, JayJayWords. On that site you can tag words, earn $JJs, and own the words as NFTs. And there are pretty cheap (coffee money) NFTs on this blog you can experiment with too.

NFT talk
Talking about DLTx NFT projects at the Bitcoin & Blockchain Brisbane 'Industry Night'

In more personal news, Tina and I recently bought a house in Barney View, near Rathdowney, in the Scenic Rim, QLD. You can read about it and all our trips on our travel website, Koukla House.

Books I'm reading: The Great Railway Bazaar by Paul Theroux, and War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. Nearly finished W&P.

Podcasts I listen to: Bankless, Proof, Sean Carroll's Mindscape, Quillette, Lex Fridman, Joe Rogan (occasionally), Epicenter.


I've been doing some generative art experiments recently. There are 13 NFTs from my collection "Diary of a Explosion" available for minting on my NFTs page. First one's free!



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