Ralph Lavelle

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm a web developer by trade so most of the stuff here is about tech, but I write about languages and travel here too.

Even though I've been into crypto for nearly three years my current job, web/blockchain developer with DLTx, is the first and only blockchain-related job I've ever had. I've been with DLTx since last September.

NFT talk
Talking about DLTx NFT projects at the Bitcoin & Blockchain Brisbane 'Industry Night'

In more personal news, Tina and I recently bought a house in Barney View, near Rathdowney, in the Scenic Rim, QLD. You can read about it and all our trips on our travel website, Koukla House.

Books I'm reading: Doom by Niall Ferguson and War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. Nearly finished W&P.

Blogs I read: Allen Farrington, Not Boring by Packy McCormick, Vitalik Buterin's website

Podcasts I listen to: Bankless, The Dishcast, Proof, Sean Carroll's Mindscape, Quillette, Lex Fridman.


I've been doing some generative art experiments recently. There are 13 NFTs from my collection "Diary of a Explosion" available for minting on my NFTs page. First one's free!



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