Ralph Lavelle

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm a web developer by trade so most of the stuff here is about tech, but there are some articles about languages and travel here too.

I recently started working for blockchain company DLTx as a full-stack web developer. I'd left my previous employer, Dialog IT, in June to learn more about crypto. Over two months I worked on my Ethereum-enabled, NFT-ised, language-learning website JayJayWords, bought three Axies to battle against other Axies, and learned how to use p5js to make nice pictures.

Yep, I've been doing some generative art experiments recently. Check out this NFT from my Carnarvon Gorge collection on Opensea.

What I'm reading: The Magus by John Fowles. I'll read anything set on Greece. And War and Peace, by Leo Tolstoy. Half-way through.

What I've been watching: Robert Hughes's landmark series The Shock of the New, King Lear with Anthony Hopkins, and BBC's 2016 War and Peace.


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