Ralph Lavelle


You can mint (make) any of the pictures here as an NFT.


To start with you'll need to get an Ethereum wallet browser plug-in if you don't already have one. I suggest Metamask.

Once you've done that, connect your wallet to the Polygon network ("Matic Mainnet"). Polygon is a blockchain network that runs alongside Ethereum, and the reason I'm choosing to use it is that the gas fees there are much cheaper than on Ethereum. Hurray!



The first one is free; after that the price is 0.0005 Ether. Note: you'll have to pay for the gas (in MATIC) when minting, but since this is happening on Polygon, gas fees are negligible. To be clear: you'll need both Ether (for the NFT) and Matic (for the gas fees) in your wallet.


You can see the full collection on Opensea, from where you can sell any of your fine NFTs to other collectors of impressive generative art.

See the NFT(s) in Metamask

  1. Click on the Assets tab in Metamask, then Import Tokens at the bottom
  2. Token Contract Address: 0xAf6081617fbb268eb7B48d4E34cb1f175EDf2864
  3. Token Symbol: RL
  4. Token Decimal: 0